And what this could mean for the future of finance

By Ishy Patel

The iconic GameStop storefront

Okay, so this past week we have been hearing a lot about the enormous rise of GameStop ($GME) stock and who was responsible, but this was over a year in the making.

But did the stock surge actually have anything to do with GameStop as a company? Umm, yes and no.

Let's talk a little more about GameStop ($GME), which was trading at around $5 a share about a year ago. Since then the pandemic struck, and consequently, they’ve been hit like the rest of brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately, we’re now in 2021 and the pandemic…

Factors to consider to help you decide if it’s for you

By Ishy Patel

Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Let’s face it; nowadays, almost everyone you come across is an Entrepreneur. Everybody has started a new business and it’s not really something you can avoid. You see businesses promoting their posts, following you and you probably have a couple of friends with their new businesses. This will naturally make you a little anxious and pressurized as to whether you should start a new business. The problem: I don’t have an idea nor can I think of one.

If there is nothing you can think of, don’t force an idea with no thought process behind it. I…

And why it will give the iPad Pro a run for its money

By Ishy Patel

In this article, I’m not going to be stating all the specs as the numbers speak for themselves. I’ll be discussing the notable features of the Samsung Tab S7 which stand out and really make a difference in everyday use.

Let’s face it. We all know there aren’t many impressive Android tablets out there (well most of us) besides Samsung. In other words, the only real competitor to the iPad Pro 2020 is the Samsung Tab S7 tablet.

Samsung has released two versions this year — the S7 and the S7+. The S7+ is the larger of…

Do these and there should be no reason as to why it’s not working out

By Ishy Patel

Let’s be honest, nobody expected COVID-19 to disrupt our lives and businesses to this extent; not even when the outbreak was first reported. Who knew 12 months ago the world would be going through a pandemic of this magnitude?

This year has been the year of change and adaptation. Businesses have had to adapt to survive the lockdown and still operate effectively. The issue with start-ups, however, is that you may have nobody to turn to for advice on how to deal with this and it can be daunting.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t as ‘glamorous’ as people…

Simple yet effective steps you can take to achieve success

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Everybody has ups & downs in life and nobody is immune to this. We follow ‘successful’ people on social media posting about the glamorous aspects of their lives but not their struggles. We then preclude comparing ourselves to those people and then have a feeling of helplessness. This isn’t limited to ‘successful’ people because this applies to family and friends which makes us feel worse as we deem them to be ‘regular people’ just like us.

The truth is, we shouldn’t be comparing our chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. Instead, take inspiration for their success and use that…

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